Faketoshi proclaims himself creator of Bitcoin … and forces BTC developers to take white paper offline

Faketoshi Never Stops – On Wednesday, January 20, the owners of the Bitcoin.org and Bitcoincore.org domains were threatened with legal action by Craig Wright for “stealing” the Bitcoin white paper . Yet another com operation from the so-called Faketoshi.

Bitcoin is mine, and mine alone

Craig Wright’s lawyers, claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto, argue that as an inventor of Bitcoin , it would be the holder of the copyright on the White Paper. The co-founder of Bitcoin.org , known as “Cobra,” said in a blog post :

“Yesterday, Bitcoin.org and Bitcoincore.org both received allegations of copyright infringement of the Bitcoin White Paper by attorneys representing Craig Steven Wright. In this letter, they claim that Craig owns the copyright to the document, the name Bitcoin and the ownership of the domain bitcoin.org. “

2 things to do with Bitcoin Core developers

The white paper has since been removed from bitcoincore.org after discussion on the Bitcoin Core project’s Github .

For the moment, Cobra has refused to comply with the demands of Craig Wright’s lawyers and deplores the withdrawal made by his peers. According to Orionwl , owner of the bitcoincore.org domain name and one of the main maintainers of the project, it’s up to bitcoiners to take over by keeping the Bitcoin white paper live.

The call was heard by the community, since dozens of crypto-enthusiasts have hosted the document on their own sites.

A nice Streisland effect and a great lesson for Craig Wright? Not saying that he does not continue his whimsical shots, as he has so well accustomed the cryptosphere to over the years.

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